Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

Moloka’i Flats Fishing

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!). It’s been awhile and I was hoping that I could get started on my blog and get back into the swing of things. Yet, life held a bunch of surprises that I hadn’t planned on and hence the delay in posting on my favorite blog.

Well, a lot has changed in one year and I am now working at the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. I won’t go into detail but I love what I’m doing under the leadership of current DHHL Chairman/Director ‘Alapaki Nahale-a. A heavy load of kuleana for sure at this juncture in my life!

Anyway, I was going over a few notes from my previous attempt at posting and I came across these links that might help my fellow fly fishermen who try to even the odds at every chance out in the water:

Stream Time Blog (Flyfishing in the Reel World) – A couple of posts with a few tips on flyfishing the Kona Coast of the Big Island. A nice read, as there is not much out there about fly fishing on the Big Island.

Mike’s Catch Report Blog – Nice blog with great pictures of flyfishing on O’ahu. Lots of slideshows! Mike travels to places that I hold dear to my heart. Including the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York and many of the noted historical streams in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic states. Man! Do I miss the action out there but I don’t miss the cold this time of the year.

DIY Flatsfishing Blog – Getting a guide at a pristine destination will cost you big bucks! I’ll be the first to admit that local knowledge will definitely get you in the better part of the “catch” factor but especially in these hard times, every buck counts. So this site is a refreshing look at how you can start on doing-it-yourself and stretching your dollars a bit. The link is to the Hawai’i post and you get just enough information in finding a spot to fish on your own.

Fly Fusion Magazine (North America’s Fly Fishing Authority) – I’m a sucker for flashy, catchy fishing photography. This site’s not Hawai’i-related but has I couldn’t pass it up during my search for Hawai’i flyfishing sites.

Bonefish Kaua’i – Okay, so this is like, the only island that you can catch trout in a stream, catch bass/peacock bass in the river/dams and go down to the flats to fish for ‘o’io (bonefish)!  Kind of like the Hawaiian Grand Slam with a Twist! There aren’t a lot of guides on Kaua’i and this is one of the rare ones on the internet.

Hope you folks like my first post for 2012 and I’ll continue to write when I have time. Got my writing slippahs back on, so I’m ready!

Hanapa’a! (Fish On!)

Hamau Leo (Wordless) Wednesday – Nanakuli Sunset

Leeward Side Sunset

Nanakuli Sunset

GT Masters Tournament (Rescheduled) – Day One


OK, so it took awhile to get ready and hit the road. But we were able to finally set up our camp and eventually throw out our ulua poles. Ate our Zippy’s Zip Pac and now enjoying the sound of surf at Ka’ena Point. I’m posting while we wait to hopefully soon hear the sound of ulua bells going off!

Wordless Wednesday – Papa Mokulele (Reef Runway)

Wordless Wednesday – Magic Island, (O’ahu) Hawai’i

Magic Island (O'ahu) Where else can you have fishermen, wedding party and joggers in one place?

Magic Island (O'ahu): Where else can you have fishermen, a wedding party, sailboats, bicyclists and joggers in one place?

Hamau Leo (Wordless) Wednesday – Papa ‘Oi’o (Bonefish Flats)

Kualoa Shoreline

Kualoa (O'ahu) Shoreline

Ho’omakaukau & Pau Hana Friday

A Prep for the Upcoming Weekend.

Okay, okay, I got lazy this week and combined the Thursday (Ho’omakaukau – Get Ready) and Friday (Pau Hana – Finished Work) together into one post. But this post is filled with information for the avid island angler.

Tide Information

I’ve been lucky enough to have HawaiiTides.com Daily Tide Predictions on the blog and along with Weatherbug’s forecasts contribute to a one-stop reminder before heading out to the “ka nahele or forest”. See right sidebar for Hawai’i & O’ahu forecasts.

If you need tide information for a specific location, just visit their site and click on their “locations” link. Don’t forget to bookmark their site (as well as this one) and if you find them useful, kokua them and make a donation.

Fishing Forecast

Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna)
Ahi Palaha (Albacore)
A’u (Marlin)
Hapu’upu’u (Sea Bass)
Uku (Grey Snapper)

Ulua/’Omilu (Trevally)
Hahalalu (Baby Scad or ‘Akule)
‘Akule (Scad)
‘Opelu (Mackerel)

Info courtesy of Hawaii Fishing News


I found these tips through the Field & Stream Magazine. If you like their tips, make sure you subscribe to their newsletter or pick up a subscription for $10/yr. Now that’s cheap and I’ve learned a ton of stuff from the magazine over the years. Not just for fishing but for practical stuff like survival skills on the ocean and in the wilderness. I’ve added some “artful” descriptions and sorted out the fishing-specific ones, so I hope it helps. I particularly like the idea of the golf club gaff. Hmmmm. . .:

Monofilament Floss Dispenser Holder
Flytying Thread Taggle Avoider
Organize Hooks with Safety Pins
Avoid Flyline Memory
Golf Club Gaff
Fishing Spool Koozie
Letter Opener Braided Line Slicer
Chum Bomb Slinger

Fillet Knife Bobber


No fishing tournaments this weekend.


Weekend forecast looks like scattered showers with periods of sun.
See right sidebar for Weatherbug’s latest forecast!

Everyone have a safe weekend and don’t forget to share your fishing photos!!