Endangered Hawaiian Honu May Be Delisted

I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever see this happen but the endangered green sea turtle may be delisted and handed over to the state to manage.

According to a Hawaii News Now story, the turtle’s possible delistment is forthcoming :

The Hawaiian Green Turtle, or Honu, has recovered so well since being classified as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act in 1978 that its federal protection may be removed.

“The number of nesting females has multiplied several times over. I think there are at least five or six times more nesting females now than there were 40 years ago,” said Lance Smith, Endangered Species Manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Honolulu.

This bodes well for the recovery of the Hawaiian green honu and the Endangered Species Act that made it possible. Now, we have to look at the proper management of the species under state control in the future.

Aloha Pau Hana Friday!

Aloha Friday!

I know everyone has plans for Superbowl weekend and football will be the biggest thing in the islands, but if you get a chance, take the ‘ohana out to fish before the Big Game! Like my friend said, the game don’t start till 1:30 cuz! (on Sunday). So there’s plenty time to soak up the rays and catch up on some fishing news.

I found a couple of fishing tidbits during the week and I hope it’ll be useful to many of you:

* One of my favorite radio stations, Native FM 95.9, on the Big, Big Island has been running a “Catch of the Week” feature for Big Isle fishermen who have caught a fish they want to share. My daughter, Kerrissa, also let me know that they have a new free iPhone/iPod Touch application so that you can listen to them live. Don’t forget you can listen to them live on their website too!

* If you need a new boat but can’t afford a new one, Usedboats.com, has good deals on a whole bunch of different types of used boats. I’m looking for a possible flats boat that doesn’t harm the environment too much but still economical.

* How about that National Saltwater Registry? A recent article in the Honolulu Advertiser has Hawai’i fishermen talking. Not too sure you know all the details about it? You can check my previous post on the subject here.

* Thinking of snorkeling/scuba diving in a very, very, safe environment then you need to go “snuba-ing,” (is that word?) at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. Just make sure not to bring your three-prong (spear) with you before the dive! The Honolulu Advertiser reports:

The Oceanarium is a 280,000-gallon aquarium with more than 450 fish and ray and 72 different species. Two guests dive at the same time, accompanied by an experienced guide, for about 20 minutes.The cost for Pacific Beach Hotel guests is $45 until March 31 and $60 for visitors to the hotel. The dives begin every 30 minutes and are scheduled Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon and from 2 to 5 p.m.

* When I was younger, I always wanted to know how my Hawaiian tutu got that dried ‘opelu (mackerel) to taste so good. Although, I never found out because she passed away soon after our family returned from Okinawa, Japan, I later found out from Big Island ‘ohana and kupuna how it was done. However, for those of you who’ve often wondered what to do and had a grandma like me who had a steel, cage-like “thingamajig” on the porch (drying platform), you now can get a general idea through this website of how it was done.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog, Hawai’i Football Fanatics, for the latest Hawai’i connection to the Superbowl teams, Indianapolis and New Orleans.

Have a great Pau Hana Friday!

National Saltwater Angler Registry (Poho or Not?)

Hilo Fisherman Whipping

Okay, if you’re like me wondering what’s going on and confused heading into the New Year about the National Saltwater Angler Registry (NSAR), don’t fret, other fishermen in the U.S. are having the same problem. Hawai’i is currently one of several states (Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that is required to have their fishermen register to fish because we do not have a comprehensive recreational saltwater license or registration program. NOAA has a site specifically to register and answer questions about the NSAR called the NOAA Marine Recreational Information Program.

There are pros and cons to having a national saltwater angler registry but I’ll defer on this while I wait and see what the Feds have in store for the data. Intrusive information that reminds me a little bit of the film, “Red Dawn,” where the Cuban leader ordered his men to gather information about the Boy Scouts (Remember? Said to be a paramilitary organization). I know, it might be a stretch and may never be used for dubious purposes, but too much identity theft and government security breaches going on that it makes me wary.

I always thought Hawai’i would be immune to this kind of licensing because of our long fishing tradition but it looks like the State of Hawai’i never implemented a program to keep or gather hard data for NOAA’s use. Read what other states in the same boat as Hawai’i are reporting:

New Jersey

Rhode Island




Here’s an article from North Carolina that states that anglers don’t have to register because they have a program that NOAA can use to mine data:

North Carolina

Check out Hawai’i Fishing News and DLNR for other information.

Anyway, it’s free to register in 2010 but may have a fee attached later. So make your assessment and leave a comment. Maybe our government leaders in Hawai’i will make the right decisions regarding our recreational fishing interests.

‘Aha’olelo (Legislative) Mondays

Hawaiian “‘Aha’olelo” (Legislative) Mondays

Once a week on Mondays Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic will provide coverage on current fishing-related legislations, issues, laws, people, events, agencies, organizations, legislative links or news. If you should have any news, links or concerns to share, please email me or leave a comment.


A nice explanation of the federal jurisdiction provided by the National Marine Fisheries Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) in Hawai’i.






I’m not sure if everyone knows about this but the DLNR has a Twitter address. DLNR Twitter . You can get their latest updates right on your timeline. Don’t forget DLNR website.