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Dubious Pair Scamming Beach Folks Arrested (Kealakekua, Hawai’i Island)

Got wind of this from fellow F.B.I. blogger, Damon Tucker, who posted news that a pair of locals who had been scamming tourists for quite some time were arrested by Hawai’i County PD. I happen to catch the tail end of today’s newscast and remembered back in December that Aloha Kayak Co. had problems with illegal vendors. Check it out at KITV.com, “State Cracks Down on Illegal Vendors.”

I love kayak fishing and it hurts to hear these kind of things being done on the Big Island. For those who want to enter the sport, even as tourists, it discourages them from participating. Plus, this kind of news further deters me from venturing out or taking ‘ohana out to other Big Isle fishing spots without worrying about being hassled by hooligans. I’ve heard complaints about illegal vendors strong-arming folks but it seems these two did it very openly like many others without fear. Where’s the cops when you need them?

Take a look at these bruddahs and tell me you wouldn’t pay $5 for parking!

Herman Santiago

Kapahukula Voorhees

Auwe! Big Time to DLNR and Hawai’i County PD for not acting sooner!