Hamau Leo (Wordless) Wednesday – Nanakuli Sunset

Leeward Side Sunset

Nanakuli Sunset

Hamau Leo Wednesday – Spoils of Victory

Prizes for the GT Masters Cup Tournament

Prizes for the GT Masters Cup Tournament Winners

Wordless Wednesday – GT Masters Cup 2010 Shirt

Culmination and reward for a long weekend - GT Masters Cup 2010 Competitor Shirt

Culmination and reward for a long weekend - GT Masters Cup 2010 Competitor Shirt

GT Masters Tournament (Rescheduled) – Final Day

Well, we got a lifetime of memories and an adventure to share for a long time to come. We weren’t able to rustle up any ulua on this fishing trip but maybe the next time. Packed up at around 9am and we were on our way home by 10am. We both were pooped out and I headed to sleep soon after the GT Masters Weigh-In & Awards Ceremony (I just woke up at 11p and I am writing this post at a little after midnight to update everyone).

Boy! What an adventure this was! I’ll do it again but I’ll let our pictures speak for themselves. Also, I hope everyone enjoyed the mobile posts (sorry for any screw-ups) via this blog and Facebook fan page from Ka’ena Point.

Congratulations to all the winners in the GT Masters Cup 2010. Ho’omaika’i also goes out to Evan Abraham, who had the winning ulua at 56.4 lbs. (I’ll post GTM results as soon as I can, but gotta go back to bed now).

Big mahalos goes out to my fishing partners, Willy & Sherwin, our families (Aweau, Elisaga & Felipe ‘ohana), our friends (a special mahalo to BJ and Kevin for coming out!) and supporters for making our first shoreline fishing tournament together possible! But, we’re letting everyone know that it won’t be our last and we’ll get ‘um the next tournament! Mahalo a Nui Loa!

Pounding for ulua, 'o'io and 'omilu

Our GT Masters 2010 Campsite

Rigging time!

Rigging time!

Mahalo Bruddahs for coming out!

Mahalo Bruddahs for coming out!

Bruddah Willy can throw!

Bruddah Willy can throw!

Mr. Pole Benda Waiting Period

Mr. Pole Benda Waiting Period

Early sunrise and a hard night of pounding for ulua

Early sunrise and a hard night of pounding for ulua

We get 'um the next time! Watch out!

We get 'um next time!

GT Masters Tournament (Rescheduled) – Day Two



Rough night! No hanapa’a! As we continue our quest to catch us some i’a (fish) for the tournament. Spirits are somewhat tempered with adrenalin now subsiding, we approach the new day with skepticism due to the reports that big surf is on its way (but we’re in a safe spot and very safety conscious) and still windier than heck (15-25 mph winds). The kind that feels like it smacks your face just before it hurts. Even more, our fishing poles, reels, etc., are all encrusted with Hawaiian pa’akai (sea salt) and we got limu (seaweed), laundry-style on our lines in the water. Auwe!

Drank water and downed a cup of warm instant coffee. Still waiting on brunch though from our friend, Brock. Hmmm getting a little hungry! Caught a bunch of small baitfish while my friend, Willy, works his ulua (giant trevally) poles. However, he’s getting small-kine frustrated because it seems like most of the limu gets on his line while mine are limu-free! His new nickname is, Limu Man! LOL!

We heard everyone had a hard night too and no fishing action. In fact, one of our fishing partners, Sherwin, left for the eastside. We decided to stay and take our chances at Ka’ena.

So we need everyones prayers to help us out to get a Big One for our keikis! That’ll be much appreciated!


GT Masters Tournament (Rescheduled) – Day One


OK, so it took awhile to get ready and hit the road. But we were able to finally set up our camp and eventually throw out our ulua poles. Ate our Zippy’s Zip Pac and now enjoying the sound of surf at Ka’ena Point. I’m posting while we wait to hopefully soon hear the sound of ulua bells going off!

“Fish Finds” Sunday

I came across these finds over the past few weeks on standup paddle fishing, fishng forums and a group that wants to preserve the ‘o’io worldwide. I hope Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic Fans will enjoy the following:

This guy, Alex Aguera, is pretty akamai and created a board setup for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Fishing called, the Hooked SUP.

The Hooked SUP

The Hooked SUP

He has an article that talks about how he was able to catch a 16lb  ‘omilu on the Hooked SUP. I’m a beginner fishing kayaker but this looks a lot easier to transport than my heavier kayak. Plus, my daughter can still use the board for SUP when I’m not using it. The setup can be taken out and it becomes a standard standup paddle board.That would make it a multi-task board! But I digress, any alternative is always great. Because who would’ve thought of kayak fishing? or even SUP? just a decade ago. I would’ve got smacked by my ‘ohana and friends or laughed at!! LOL!!

16 lb. Omilu

16 lb. ‘Omilu

Speaking of smack, I found a bunch of pretty active forums with unselfish members who are willing to share their fishing secrets with others. I’m glad because over the years we’ve all remember the “old man” who when you ask, “Hey Uncle what you caught?” and he responded, “Ah, nothing, neva catch nothin!” Hiding his bucket and face from you. Aw! Come On!

The premier fishing forum for shoreline fishing in Hawai’i is the Hawai’i Fishing Forum, this one is very active and covers a gamut of topics, including ulua fishing, whipping and even ghost stories! Another one I found, is hosted by Bruddah Bill Newton of ‘Ewa Beach. He has several web sites but the most popular with fishermen is his Ulua Fishing on Facebook Page. With that popularity, he just started a fishing forum called iFish Hawaii Fishing Forums.  There is also the Hanapa’a Fishing Forums but its not as active as the others. I’ll let you know as I find more Hawai’i-specific forums. Remember with all of these forums, you may have to register to make a comment or ask a question.

iFish Hawaii

iFish Hawaii

Lastly, this find was kind of interesting and is more flyfishing-oriented. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a purist in any aspect of fishing or flyfishing but there are those that are more hardcore than others. With that being said, this organization is a breath of fresh air and if you love ‘o’io (bonefish) or awa (tarpon), the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (previously Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited) is for you. There are a bunch of Hawai’i flyfishing guides who are members of this organization and are helping the Trust in their bonefish research efforts. Namely, Captain Terry Duffield or better known as, “Coach Duffy,” and his staff. Also, if you decide to join the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) now and donate $100, you get a chance to win monthly prizes and a chance at the Grand Prize, a Hell’s Bay Boatworks Skiff, during their BTT Membership Sweepstakes! So join NOW!

Help bonefish, tarpon and permit

Help bonefish, tarpon and permit

Ok that’s it for this Sunday!

Stay Informed with Hawaii Fishing Fanatic!

Wordless Wednesday – GT Masters Cup 2010

GT Masters 2010

GT Masters Cup 2010 Competitor Packet

Wordless Wednesday – Papa Mokulele (Reef Runway)

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift Recommendations

Happy Valentine’s & President’s Day Weekend! Yup, looks like this weekend is shaping up to be a great one! For those lovebirds and hopeless romantics like me, the very best to all. Make sure to spend some time with that special someone this weekend. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the “dog house” for the rest of the year. LOL!

Here’s my Top Ten gift suggestions that might help you stay “pono” (straight, righteous) this weekend:

1) Order flowers whether down Maunakea St., your nearest florist, or online. A good online vendor and uses prompt Fedex delivery (even on Valentine’s Day) is ProFlowers. You can also call them at 1-800-580-2913.

2) Make a fishing gift basket with all his/her favorite lures, flies, hooks, lines, electronic gadget, etc.

3) Subscription to Hawaii Fishing News or a fishing magazine like Flyfishing in Saltwater.

4) Send an electronic Valentine’s Day card via my favorite web sites at Hallmark, eGreetings, eCards or American Greetings. Most have free ecards or paid ecards that can be further personalized.

5) Get an electronic gadget like an Apple iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch), Google/Android phone, waterproof digital camera or fishing gadget (GPS device, fish finder, etc.) .

6) Specialized fishing pole like an ulua pole, fly rod or spinning rod coupled with a reel would do wonders for your favorite fishing person. Visit your local fishing/outdoor store.

7) Fishing videos from C4 Video Productions that produces a “Shorefishing Hawaii” series or get a good fishing book collection like Fishing Hawaii Style by Jim Rizzuto. These can also be found at your local fishing/outdoor store.

8) Setup a fly fishing trip for ‘o’io (bonefish) or ulua (giant trevally) with my Reef Rippas Guide Service. *I know shameless plug! But gotta mke money somehow! LOL!

9) If you can afford it, get a fishing boat from any number of boat dealers that can cater to his/her tastes.

10) Setup a fishing trip to the neighbor islands by flying Hawaiian Airlines and staying at an Outrigger Hotel.

BONUS: Get ‘um a pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses!

Hope that helps!

In any case, enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to spend your time wisely!

**I am not endorsed or sponsored by any of the aforementioned products. Although it would be nice, maybe, one day.