Hamau Leo Wednesday – The Deli at He’eia Kea Pier

The Choys' "The Deli" at He'eia Kea pier

The Choy's and their store, "The Deli" at He'eia Kea Pier in Kane'ohe, O'ahu

Hoe Wa’a B.I. Style

Continuation of yesterday’s coverage of the Ho’ike Hoe Wa’a (Canoe Regatta) of Big Island Interscholastic Federation (BIIF) schools. My daughter paddles for the Kamehameha Schools Hawai’i (KSH) and is easing herself into the Hawaiian canoe paddling/racing culture. Watching the different island high school participants interact with each other is in complete contrast to O’ahu’s schools. The cooperation and respect for each other from the kids, their parents, paddling coaches, school administrators and Kailua-Kona fishing/recreational/tour businesses was nothing short of amazing in this day and age. This is what the Hawai’i fishing community needs to have more of in our own events. Right on! Big Island!

Thus, a little more pics of the event and a taste of hoe wa’a, Big Island Style!

Mahalo to all that coordinated and participated in the Ho’ike Hoe Wa’a BIIF!

Kealakehe Hui Wa'a

Hui Wa'a Kealakehe on their way to a win!

Hui Wa'a KSH preparing their canoe for return trip home

Hui Wa'a KSH Preparing Canoe for Return Trip Home

Hui Wa'a Pahoa High School loading their canoe

Hui Wa'a Pahoa loading their canoe on KSH trailer

Hui Wa'a KSH pule kakou (prayer together) and cheer before returning home

Hui Wa'a KSH pule kakou (prayer together) and cheer before returning home

National Saltwater Angler Registry (Poho or Not?)

Hilo Fisherman Whipping

Okay, if you’re like me wondering what’s going on and confused heading into the New Year about the National Saltwater Angler Registry (NSAR), don’t fret, other fishermen in the U.S. are having the same problem. Hawai’i is currently one of several states (Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that is required to have their fishermen register to fish because we do not have a comprehensive recreational saltwater license or registration program. NOAA has a site specifically to register and answer questions about the NSAR called the NOAA Marine Recreational Information Program.

There are pros and cons to having a national saltwater angler registry but I’ll defer on this while I wait and see what the Feds have in store for the data. Intrusive information that reminds me a little bit of the film, “Red Dawn,” where the Cuban leader ordered his men to gather information about the Boy Scouts (Remember? Said to be a paramilitary organization). I know, it might be a stretch and may never be used for dubious purposes, but too much identity theft and government security breaches going on that it makes me wary.

I always thought Hawai’i would be immune to this kind of licensing because of our long fishing tradition but it looks like the State of Hawai’i never implemented a program to keep or gather hard data for NOAA’s use. Read what other states in the same boat as Hawai’i are reporting:

New Jersey

Rhode Island




Here’s an article from North Carolina that states that anglers don’t have to register because they have a program that NOAA can use to mine data:

North Carolina

Check out Hawai’i Fishing News and DLNR for other information.

Anyway, it’s free to register in 2010 but may have a fee attached later. So make your assessment and leave a comment. Maybe our government leaders in Hawai’i will make the right decisions regarding our recreational fishing interests.

Bryan Clay Salmon Fishing Trip

Bryan Clay, Hawai’i’s Olympic Gold Medalist (decathlon), recently posted Twitter/Facebook updates regarding his salmon fishing trip to British Columbia, Canada. I was excited! Because, aside from my saltwater fishing endeavors, I’m a diehard salmon and steelhead fisherman too!! I’ve flyfished for them with either a fly rod or spey rod on both the east and west coasts.

Bryan caught some really good size salmon and boy! was his timing great. Timing the run for these anadromous fish is a science in itself and it’s awesome when you’re on the river at the right time. Endless fishing as Bryan will attest! I’m elated, not because, he’s a famous Olympian, but there aren’t too much island boys (except those on the mainland) that have fished for salmon/steelhead and experienced fishing for them first-hand.

Nootka fishing trip '09. Caught a 32lber and a few others! No... on Twitpic

Check out his Twitter or Facebook pages for more details.

Wow! I’m jealous, next time you need to take me Bryan!!