S. Tokunaga Store Ulua Challenge 2011

I was on the Hawaii Fishing Forum again to check out the latest news and results for the S. Tokunaga Store Ulua Challenge this past weekend. Wow! there were some really nice fish! Too bad though! No hundred-pounders this year. Had some really big ‘omilu though this time around!

The final tournament (unofficial) results are as follows from, omer110, on the Hawaii Fishing Forum:

Largest Ulua (Giant Trevally) category:
1. Jason A – 75.2
2. Kalani K – 71.6
3. Bernie L – 68.3
4. Chad M – 62.5
5. Tyson M – 61.5
6. Laron K – 57.8
7. Bruce B – 50.7
8. John B – 49.6
9. John A – 49.1
10. Josh A – 48.8

Largest ‘Omilu (Jack Crevalle) category:
1. Kahana I – 21.4
2. Gerald L – 20.7
3. Shyann V – 18.4
4. Eddie C – 18.3
5. Dane R – 17.6
6. Skee S – 17.4
7. Rudolph L – 17.1
8. Kyle R – 16.5
9. Frederick F – 16.4
10. Brandon Z – 16.1

Mahalo to omer110 for the update! and congratulations to all the winners this year!

You can also check out recent pictures from the tournament on the S. Tokunaga Store Facebook page. Mahalo to major sponsors, Izuo Bros., Shimano and Kaenon Polarized!

I wasn’t able to make it again this year due to previous commitments, but there’s always next year!!!

Ho’omakaukau & Pau Hana Friday

A Prep for the Upcoming Weekend.

Okay, okay, I got lazy this week and combined the Thursday (Ho’omakaukau – Get Ready) and Friday (Pau Hana – Finished Work) together into one post. But this post is filled with information for the avid island angler.

Tide Information

I’ve been lucky enough to have HawaiiTides.com Daily Tide Predictions on the blog and along with Weatherbug’s forecasts contribute to a one-stop reminder before heading out to the “ka nahele or forest”. See right sidebar for Hawai’i & O’ahu forecasts.

If you need tide information for a specific location, just visit their site and click on their “locations” link. Don’t forget to bookmark their site (as well as this one) and if you find them useful, kokua them and make a donation.

Fishing Forecast

Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna)
Ahi Palaha (Albacore)
A’u (Marlin)
Hapu’upu’u (Sea Bass)
Uku (Grey Snapper)

Ulua/’Omilu (Trevally)
Hahalalu (Baby Scad or ‘Akule)
‘Akule (Scad)
‘Opelu (Mackerel)

Info courtesy of Hawaii Fishing News


I found these tips through the Field & Stream Magazine. If you like their tips, make sure you subscribe to their newsletter or pick up a subscription for $10/yr. Now that’s cheap and I’ve learned a ton of stuff from the magazine over the years. Not just for fishing but for practical stuff like survival skills on the ocean and in the wilderness. I’ve added some “artful” descriptions and sorted out the fishing-specific ones, so I hope it helps. I particularly like the idea of the golf club gaff. Hmmmm. . .:

Monofilament Floss Dispenser Holder
Flytying Thread Taggle Avoider
Organize Hooks with Safety Pins
Avoid Flyline Memory
Golf Club Gaff
Fishing Spool Koozie
Letter Opener Braided Line Slicer
Chum Bomb Slinger

Fillet Knife Bobber


No fishing tournaments this weekend.


Weekend forecast looks like scattered showers with periods of sun.
See right sidebar for Weatherbug’s latest forecast!

Everyone have a safe weekend and don’t forget to share your fishing photos!!

Mahalo to Lehua Jaycees for Great Keiki Fishing Derby Last Weekend!

A big mahalos to the Lehua Jaycees and their sponsors for the keiki fishing derby on Moku ‘Ola Island (Coconut Island) in Hilo, HI, last weekend. My son and I were able to spend quality time while enjoying the Hilo surroundings, people and wonderful weather. Mahalo especially to the members of the Hilo Casting Club for assisting in the weigh-in and for making my son feel comfortable about the whole process. He won third place in the 5-7 age group. The Hawaii Tribune Herald reported the following results :

Age 5-7

1st place: Xander-James Macomber

2nd place: Tyler Spencer

3rd place: Daytona Aweau

Age 8-10

1st place: Kamreyn Manzano-Reese

2nd place: Israel Cruz

3rd place: Bertram Oguma

Age 11-13

1st place: Aaron Martinez

2nd place: Kyson Canizo

3rd place: Cassidy Kelii

Biggest Balloon Fish: Jason Arquitola Jr.

It was his first trophy ever and he’s was the proudest 5 year-old there! Mahalo again! Lehua Jaycees and sponsors for making my son’s day as well as the many keiki participants.