Wordless Wednesday – Papa Mokulele (Reef Runway)

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift Recommendations

Happy Valentine’s & President’s Day Weekend! Yup, looks like this weekend is shaping up to be a great one! For those lovebirds and hopeless romantics like me, the very best to all. Make sure to spend some time with that special someone this weekend. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the “dog house” for the rest of the year. LOL!

Here’s my Top Ten gift suggestions that might help you stay “pono” (straight, righteous) this weekend:

1) Order flowers whether down Maunakea St., your nearest florist, or online. A good online vendor and uses prompt Fedex delivery (even on Valentine’s Day) is ProFlowers. You can also call them at 1-800-580-2913.

2) Make a fishing gift basket with all his/her favorite lures, flies, hooks, lines, electronic gadget, etc.

3) Subscription to Hawaii Fishing News or a fishing magazine like Flyfishing in Saltwater.

4) Send an electronic Valentine’s Day card via my favorite web sites at Hallmark, eGreetings, eCards or American Greetings. Most have free ecards or paid ecards that can be further personalized.

5) Get an electronic gadget like an Apple iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch), Google/Android phone, waterproof digital camera or fishing gadget (GPS device, fish finder, etc.) .

6) Specialized fishing pole like an ulua pole, fly rod or spinning rod coupled with a reel would do wonders for your favorite fishing person. Visit your local fishing/outdoor store.

7) Fishing videos from C4 Video Productions that produces a “Shorefishing Hawaii” series or get a good fishing book collection like Fishing Hawaii Style by Jim Rizzuto. These can also be found at your local fishing/outdoor store.

8) Setup a fly fishing trip for ‘o’io (bonefish) or ulua (giant trevally) with my Reef Rippas Guide Service. *I know shameless plug! But gotta mke money somehow! LOL!

9) If you can afford it, get a fishing boat from any number of boat dealers that can cater to his/her tastes.

10) Setup a fishing trip to the neighbor islands by flying Hawaiian Airlines and staying at an Outrigger Hotel.

BONUS: Get ‘um a pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses!

Hope that helps!

In any case, enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to spend your time wisely!

**I am not endorsed or sponsored by any of the aforementioned products. Although it would be nice, maybe, one day.

Wordless Wednesday – Magic Island, (O’ahu) Hawai’i

Magic Island (O'ahu) Where else can you have fishermen, wedding party and joggers in one place?

Magic Island (O'ahu): Where else can you have fishermen, a wedding party, sailboats, bicyclists and joggers in one place?

Aloha Pau Hana Friday!

Aloha Friday!

I know everyone has plans for Superbowl weekend and football will be the biggest thing in the islands, but if you get a chance, take the ‘ohana out to fish before the Big Game! Like my friend said, the game don’t start till 1:30 cuz! (on Sunday). So there’s plenty time to soak up the rays and catch up on some fishing news.

I found a couple of fishing tidbits during the week and I hope it’ll be useful to many of you:

* One of my favorite radio stations, Native FM 95.9, on the Big, Big Island has been running a “Catch of the Week” feature for Big Isle fishermen who have caught a fish they want to share. My daughter, Kerrissa, also let me know that they have a new free iPhone/iPod Touch application so that you can listen to them live. Don’t forget you can listen to them live on their website too!

* If you need a new boat but can’t afford a new one, Usedboats.com, has good deals on a whole bunch of different types of used boats. I’m looking for a possible flats boat that doesn’t harm the environment too much but still economical.

* How about that National Saltwater Registry? A recent article in the Honolulu Advertiser has Hawai’i fishermen talking. Not too sure you know all the details about it? You can check my previous post on the subject here.

* Thinking of snorkeling/scuba diving in a very, very, safe environment then you need to go “snuba-ing,” (is that word?) at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. Just make sure not to bring your three-prong (spear) with you before the dive! The Honolulu Advertiser reports:

The Oceanarium is a 280,000-gallon aquarium with more than 450 fish and ray and 72 different species. Two guests dive at the same time, accompanied by an experienced guide, for about 20 minutes.The cost for Pacific Beach Hotel guests is $45 until March 31 and $60 for visitors to the hotel. The dives begin every 30 minutes and are scheduled Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon and from 2 to 5 p.m.

* When I was younger, I always wanted to know how my Hawaiian tutu got that dried ‘opelu (mackerel) to taste so good. Although, I never found out because she passed away soon after our family returned from Okinawa, Japan, I later found out from Big Island ‘ohana and kupuna how it was done. However, for those of you who’ve often wondered what to do and had a grandma like me who had a steel, cage-like “thingamajig” on the porch (drying platform), you now can get a general idea through this website of how it was done.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog, Hawai’i Football Fanatics, for the latest Hawai’i connection to the Superbowl teams, Indianapolis and New Orleans.

Have a great Pau Hana Friday!

Checkout the Big Kaku & Kahala!

Aloha readers I just got wind of a great catch from a friend of mine, Colin Dumlao. These pics tell it all and you don’t want to miss it. They were caught last year but I didn’t realize that the kaku (barracuda) was almost a state record. Follow the link on Hawai’i Skin Diver’s forum that he posted. In the meantime, here’s the pic of his HUGE Kahala he speared on that same day. Wow! I can only wish I had days like that!!!

Colin Dumlao with his Kahala Nui!

Colin Dumlao with his Kahala Nui!