Ho’omakaukau & Pau Hana Friday

A Prep for the Upcoming Weekend

Okay, since I now have limited time between my honey-do, volunteer and job workload, I’ve decided to combine my Thursday (Ho’omakaukau – Get Ready) and Friday (Pau Hana – Finished Work) together into one post. But don’t despair if I get more donations, I might be able to post more often (shameless solicitation). Remember most of us, bloggers, do this for love and don’t get paid diddly-squat. So kokua, if can.


Weekend forecast looks like scattered showers (50% chance for rain) with periods of sun.
See right sidebar for Weatherbug’s latest forecast!

Tide Information

Again tide information has been provided by HawaiiTides.com Daily Tide Predictions and weather information by Weatherbug for updates before heading out to the “ka nahele or forest”. Click on links in the right sidebar for Hawai’i Island & O’ahu forecasts.

Fishing Forecast

Ahi (Big-Eye Tuna)
A’u (Marlin)
Kamanu (Rainbow Runner)
Hapu’upu’u (Sea Bass)
Lehi (Snapper)
‘Opakapaka (Pink Snapper)

Ulua/’Omilu (Trevally)
Hahalalu (Baby Scad or ‘Akule)
‘Opelu (Mackerel)

Info courtesy of Hawaii Fishing News


One of Young's many food offerings

Young’s Fishmarket

I’m a seafood and Hawaiian food aficionado, so when I saw that Young’s Fishmarket had their own Twitter, Facebook and web site. I was on it, like a haw-net! Young’s makes delicious food that will broke your mouth! I’m saying this from small-kid, hanabata days experience. I always relished the chance after a hard-days fishing to stop over at Young’s whenever my parents opted to go there. Young’s also offers mail-order, their menu, specials, etc. So if you like to be constantly updated and ‘ono for delicious Hawaiian-cooking, hook up with Young’s and you can’t go wrong.

Young’s Twitter Page
Young’s Facebook Fan Page
Young’s Web Site


Thursday October 29, 2009 – Lahaina Wahine Tournament
Friday October 30, 2009 – Lahaina Jackpot

Norv Ayers (808) 757-0665
Website lahainajackpot.com

Info courtesy of Hawaii Fishing News

Everyone have a safe weekend and don’t forget to share your fishing photos!!

Hamau Leo (Wordless) Wednesday – Hawaiian Papa

Hawaiian Papa (Reef Flat) - Can you see the mano (shark) in this photo?

Hawaiian Papa (Reef Flat) - Can you see the mano (shark) in this photo?

‘Aha’olelo (Legislative) Mondays

Once a week on Mondays, Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic will provide coverage on current fishing-related legislations, issues, laws, people, events, agencies, organizations, legislative links or news. If you should have any news, links or concerns to share, please email me or leave a comment.

Currently, Hawaii has no saltwater fishing license requirement. However, that may change soon and recreational fishermen should be aware that if that happens as in other states like New York, we’ll be in trouble. In fact, last week there was a furor over New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo’s refusal to defend the state against lawsuits from Long Island, NY towns. I’ve fished in New York state a lot when I lived on the east coast and they make a ton of money with their freshwater licenses. Non-resident fishermen, like me had to pay more and their game wardens are like license-seeking hawks during the peak fishing seasons. West coast states are contemplating licensing their saltwater fishery and that would be a tragedy. But they’re taking a wait-and-see approach with the New York situation. Hopefully, we won’t have to come to that in Hawai’i. You can check out the current DLNR fishing license requirments for Hawai’i here .

Hawaii Fishing News has taken on the cause and you can support their efforts by purchasing a shirt with their eye-popping graphics. Great for kama’aina and visitors. Get one for yourself and kokua HFN’s efforts. Here is their information:

Support Hawaii’s right to fish by purchasing a “Fight For the Right To Fish!” T-shirt. HFN is setting aside $1 from the sale of each T-shirt to create a special fund to not only battle for our ocean access but to create better habitat and enhance Hawaii’s fishery.

Shirts cost:
$15 for Large and Extra Large sizes with pocket
$17 for XXL T-shirt with pocket
Add $5 for postage for first shirt and $3 postage for each additional shirt.

Send your order with payment to Hawaii Fishing News, P.O. Box 25488, Honolulu, HI 96825, phone (808) 395-4499, FAX 396-3474. Sorry, no credit card orders.

“Fish Finds” Sunday

I came across these finds over the past few days and hope Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic Fans will enjoy the following:

Monster Fish! Hanapa’a Da Big One! is what we all, as fishermen, believe we can haul in. The National Geographic Channel has an exclusive show, Hooked! , that spotlights monster fish. This week’s episode features a giant 130 lb. ulua or trevally that was injured and saved on Channel NGC73. Don’t miss it!

Hawaiian Papa (Reef)

Hawaiian Papa (Reef)

I’m always in the pursuit of big fish but an IGFA world record is something I’ve always dreamed about catching. My current quest is to catch a 20 lb. ‘o’io (bonefish) on flyfishing gear in Hawai’i. A well-written article in Reel Reports, “Pursuit of the next World Record Bonefish on the Honolulu Flats” , has rejuvenated my passion to find my dream fish. There are big fish out there. The current state record is at 18 lbs. and listed in Hawaii Fishing News as caught by William Badua in 1954.

Somewhere out there on the papa or flats is a giant ‘o’io waiting to pounce on my crab fly!!!

‘Aha’olelo (Legislative) Mondays

Hawaiian “‘Aha’olelo” (Legislative) Mondays

Once a week on Mondays Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic will provide coverage on current fishing-related legislations, issues, laws, people, events, agencies, organizations, legislative links or news. If you should have any news, links or concerns to share, please email me or leave a comment.


A nice explanation of the federal jurisdiction provided by the National Marine Fisheries Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) in Hawai’i.






I’m not sure if everyone knows about this but the DLNR has a Twitter address. DLNR Twitter . You can get their latest updates right on your timeline. Don’t forget DLNR website.

Hawai’i Fishing and Seafood Festival

Aloha Friday! Just wanted to remind everyone about the Hawai’i Fishing and Seafood Festival this Sunday, October 11, 2009 at Pier 38 in Honolulu. Don’t forget to check out all the fishing booths and make sure to see my friends at the USCG Auxiliary booth. Tell them the Hawaii Fishing Fanatic sent you. By the way, did I forget to mention that it’s FREE! Yes, free admission and parking! You can get more information about the festival below:

Official Release from the Hawai’i Visitors and Convention Bureau

The Hawai’i Fishing and Seafood Festival takes place in the heart of Honolulu on the waterfront at the Pier 38 Fishing Village. Held annually on the Sunday of the Discoverer’s Day weekend, last years event drew over 20,000 attendance and is evolving into one of the most popular events in Hawaii.

Sample or purchase fresh Hawai’i seafood products from popular local fish markets, restaurants and diners. Learn ancient and modern fishing methods from the various Hawaiian Civic and local shoreline, spearfishing and boating clubs. Try your hand at longcasting or flycasting at the demonstration area. Tour the local fish auction and see the various fresh fish displays such as Ahi, Mahimahi, Ono (Wahoo), Opakapaka, Munchong and more! FREE drawings – grand prizes may include trips to Las Vegas and Ocean Kayaks. Activities for Adults and Kids of all ages!

Lots of free parking (additional parking located at Honolulu Community College 1 block up the street – FREE shuttle service provided)!

U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service administrator Bill Hogarth stated that the Hawai’i Fishing and Seafood Festival should serve as the blueprint for all fishing and seafood related festivals nationwide.

Pacific Islands Fisheries Group

The Pacific Islands Fisheries Group or PIFG is a 501(c)3 non profit organization established in 2005 to help organize and keep Pacific Island Fishermen informed.

PIFG supports programs that directly benefit Hawai’i’s marine resources, enhance fishing community awareness and all conservation practices. PIFG supports agencies responsible for managing and conserving our island fisheries.

Our mission is to facilitate communication and participation amoungst all marine resource users to support sound resource use, management, research, conservation and education.

Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic On Hiatus

I’m taking a hiatus with the ‘ohana for some family time. I’ll be away until October 15th, 2009, so this will be my last post. I’ll try to post intermittently if I have downtime. Mahalo to all Hawai’i Fishing Fanatic readers for their continued support. Hanapa’a!

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